VF Access | Building a Diversified Portfolio

VF Access is a new portfolio builder service from VentureFounders. Investors can leverage the skillset of the VentureFounders team to develop a portfolio of diversified investments based on their own personal investment criteria.

Diversification is an important step for serious investors looking to get involved in early stage investing and a fundamental strategy for hedging risk in any asset class.

How it works

Before you invest, the VentureFounders investment team will work with you to understand your investment parameters and risk appetite. 

The VentureFounders team will use your investment preferences to help you build you a portfolio tailored to your requirements. Members will only receive investment opportunities that fit their agreed criteria.

When a new investment opportunity is presented and the Member has confirmed they are happy to proceed with an individual investment (or otherwise), all of the administrative process will be undertaken by the VentureFounders team.

As a VF Access member you will always have preferential access to our deal flow, as well as access to a dedicated senior member of the VentureFounders team.


Once registered you will have a call or meeting to discuss and confirm your personal investment parameters.


Priority access to investment opportunities that meet your criteria - opt in or opt out to each opportunity.


On confirmation to proceed the investment will be allocated and confirmed.


Monitor your portfolio of investments through your online account.

VF Access Brochure

You can find out more by downloading the full VF Access brochure by clicking the download button below




VF Access is a new service from VentureFounders to help you build a diversified portfolio, based on your personal preferences.

  • Build a portfolio of growth business in a number of sectors according to your own preferences, without having to undertake the transaction process and administration yourself.
  • Gain early access to review new opportunities as well as guarantee access to upcoming investment opportunities.
  • Be assigned your own senior point of contact/account manager in the investment team.
  • Receive exclusive event invites not available to other VentureFounders registered users.

Diversification is an important step for serious investors looking to get involved in early stage investing. Diversification is a fundamental strategy for hedging risk in any asset class. Spreading investments across different sectors and stages can statistically decrease structural risk and improve the ROI of the overall portfolio.


You must be prepared to invest at least £50k in VentureFounders opportunities during the 12 month period after you become a VF Access member. You must also invest at least £5k in any one deal.


Complete discretion. VF Access is not a fund nor an investment management service.


No. VF Access is not an advisory service and VentureFounders is unable to make any recommendations.


As well as having access to a dedicated senior member of the VentureFounders team, VF Access Members will be able to access their full portfolio through their VentureFounders account at any time: www.venturefounders.co.uk/account. This includes regular company updates, such as quarterly trading updates, events and news, alongside Companies House information and all details of individual investments.


There will be no upfront membership fee for the first 20 VF Access members, so you will only be charged the normal fees charged in relation to a standard VentureFounders investment.


VF Access is not a fund or an investment management service. Members are not required to invest in any of the investment opportunities referred to them through VF Access .


No. VF Access Members will be asked to put 50% of the funds on account to secure their membership. Once this initial capital is invested, the Member will be able to transfer the incremental amounts on a case by case basis.


VF Access Member will be able to cancel their account at any time and have any outstanding balance in their account refunded.

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Terms and Conditions

Version dated 24th October 2016

Regulatory Execution Only Notice

The purpose of this notice is to set out the basis on which Venture Founders Limited (“VentureFounders”) will provide certain services and benefits to you in relation to unlisted shares.

By using VF Access you accept and agree that:

  • VentureFounders will treat you as a retail “Execution Only” Client in relation to all transactions that you may enter into with VentureFounders. This means that the protections of the Financial Conduct Authority rules that are afforded to Retail Clients in relation to suitability or appropriateness do not apply to you. For more details, see the Financial Conduct Authority’s website (www.the-fca.org.uk).
  • You will not ask for, and VentureFounders will not provide you with, any advice or recommendations to purchase, or to refrain from participating, any potential investments. Nothing in any correspondence between us and you shall constitute a personal recommendation. No warranty, representation, guarantee or other assurance of any sort is given by VentureFounders to you about the suitability of any potential investments.
  • VF Access is not an investment management service (whether discretionary or otherwise). It is your decision as to whether you wish to participate in a potential investment.

VF Access is an invitation only service specifically designed to meet the needs of seasoned high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors.

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to your membership of VF Access. Your use of VF Access constitutes agreement and acceptance of these Terms.

For the purpose of these terms and conditions “VentureFounders”, "we", "us" and "our" means Venture Founders Limited and "you", or "your" refers to you, the member of VF Access.




VF Access is only available to registered users of the VentureFounders’ investment platform with accounts. In addition, to use VF Access you must satisfy the eligibility criteria set out in your Membership Agreement.


We reserve the absolute right to cancel or suspend, without any liability, your access to VF Access at any time without notice. Upon the cancellation or suspension of access, we will no longer be obliged to provide you with access to the Services and Benefits provided pursuant to these Terms.


You may terminate your access to VF Access at any time by notifying VentureFounders in writing.




As part of the process for registering for VF Access you:


will be required to specify the amount that you wish to invest through VF Access over the course of the 12-month period starting from date that you are granted access to VF Access (“Annual Investment Limit”). The minimum Annual Investment Limit is £50,000; and


will be required to pay on account an amount equal to 50 per cent. of the Annual Investment Limit. VF is not obliged to deposit this amount in an interest bearing account. VF shall return any amounts held on account (minus any amounts invested in Opportunities) upon your request within five (5) business days.




As an inaugural member of VF Access, you will not be charged a fee for being a member of VF Access.




As part of the process for registering for VF Access you have notified us of your Investment Preferences. If you wish to change all or any part of your Investment Preferences, please call or email your usual contact at VentureFounders.


As part of VF Access we will notify you of Opportunities before Other Users. The notification will also set out the duration of the Preview Period, the Minimum Investment (if applicable) and the method by which you must accept or decline the invitation to invest in the Opportunity.


If you notify us that you wish to invest in an Opportunity during the Preview Period, we will confirm the amount that has been allocated to you to invest in the Opportunity (your “Allocation”). Once you receive the confirmation, VentureFounders’ usual investment processing procedures will apply.


If you notify us that you wish to invest after the Preview Period but before the Opportunity is closed to investment, we will use reasonable endeavours to accept your request to invest in the Opportunity. However, we do not guarantee that you will be able to invest in the Opportunity - we do not give any assurance that the company will accept your investment.




As part of VF Access you may be invited to exclusive events, experiences and/or offered exclusive products for free or on preferential terms (“Benefits”).


You acknowledge that the Benefits are subject to availability and may change from time to time without notice.


Suppliers are responsible for providing you with the Benefits. We accept no liability or responsibility for any Benefits provided by Suppliers. Suppliers may impose their own terms and conditions, which, in every case shall apply to the Benefits being provided to you by the Supplier.




These Terms supplement the provisions set out in your Membership Agreement and any investment agreement that you may enter into through VF Access.


We may vary these Terms from time to time and will notify you in writing of any changes in a timely manner. Your continued use of VF Access constitutes acceptance of any such variations to these Terms. For the avoidance of doubt, we reserve the right to vary, suspend or completely withdraw any or all of the Services and/or Benefits set out in these Terms at any time.


These Terms and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims), shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, English law, and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.



In these Terms, the following terms have the following meanings:

Benefits has the meaning set out in paragraph 5.1.

Investment Preferences means the investments preferences that agreed between yourself and VentureFounders from time to time.

Membership Agreement means the membership agreement between you and VentureFounders relating to your use of the VentureFounders investment platform.

Minimum Investment means £5,000 or such other amount stipulated by VentureFounders from time to time.

Opportunity means a new investment opportunity that VentureFounders believes matches your Investment Preferences. For the avoidance of doubt, follow-on rounds shall not constitute an Opportunity.

Other Users means registered users of the VentureFounders investment platform who are not members of VF Access.

Preview Period shall mean, unless VentureFounders notifies you otherwise, the seven-day period that you are given to notify VentureFounders that you wish to invest in an Opportunity.

Services means any services provided to you by or on behalf of VentureFounders in connection with VF Access.

Supplier means any supplier of goods or services that VentureFounders uses in order to provide you with the Benefits.