VentureFounders took part in a total £7.1 million fundraise for Labminds over four financing rounds, in which VentureFounders was accompanied by the Angel Co-Fund and Longwall Ventures. The latest £1.5m round was closed in May 2017.

LabMinds is an Oxford based business that develops, manufactures and sells next generation solutions to address challenges faced by laboratories.

LabMinds’ lead product, Revo is a fully automated liquid solution production system that offers laboratories a revolutionary answer to the highly labour intensive, procedural task of solution preparation.

LabMinds is using the proceeds of the raise for additional working capital to fulfil the strong demand the company is receiving from a number of labs and large pharmaceutical companies.

Our crowdfund on VentureFounders surpassed all our expectations.



  • Revolutionary solution for an industry-wide problem

  • Enormous market opportunity due to global product reach

  • Attractive value proposition to laboratories and highly profitable product 

  • Proprietary technology, protected by patents

  • Management backed by team of technical advisors and financial investors