Hiring-Hub.com is an award-winning, online recruitment marketplace, revolutionising the UK’s recruitment industry, by aggregating trusted recruitment agencies to help companies fill jobs faster at a lower cost. 

Hiring Hub innovative business model has gained significant traction in the UK with clients including Jaguar Land Rover, Iceland, Dyson and the Intercontinental Group. 

The funds will be used to build an executive team, bring software development in-house and increase marketing to fuel growth of job uploads (employers) and subscribers (recruitment agencies). 


Investment Highlights

  • Proven concept with clear path to commercialisation 

  • Highly scalable business model in the UK and abroad

  • Award-winning start-up led by experienced management team

  • Disruptive product, revolutionising the traditional recruitment model


Over the last twelve months, Hiring-Hub has used the VentureFounders' investment to build a direct sales team and develop its platform to ensure it can scale up in line with the company’s growth.

Hiring-Hub has met its growth projection; doubling its headcount during the last 12 months while revenue is forecast to triple from 2015 to 2016.

Simon Swan and Sara Jones, the Co-Founders of Hiring-Hub, also secured a six-figure grant from the Innovate UK to develop the next generation of the company’s platform and have finalised a partnership deal with KPMG.

Hiring-Hub has set ambitious future growth targets and is determined to continue on this strong upward trajectory of 2016. 



Hiring-Hub set ambitious targets for growth at the end of last year and, having hit these targets, we are determined to continue on this upward trajectory. We have built a phenomenal team and are consistently increasing our user base and revenue.

Simon Swan Co-Founder and CEO, Hiring-Hub