BioSure launched the world’s first ever CE marked HIV self test, which enables an end user to find out their own HIV status in private, at a time and place that is convenient to them. The test requires only a tiny drop of blood and gives an easy-to-read, highly accurate result in 15 minutes.

BioSure has undergone extensive scrutiny and has proactively generated unique, robust evidence and data to prove the acceptability and usability of its HIV self-test, one of only a couple of products certified globally.

In February 2017 BioSure HIV Self Test gained WHO approval as an interim measure before Pre Qualification becomes possible, meaning UNITAID are able to procure the product.

There are more than 37m people with HIV globally and an estimated 54% of them that don’t know that they have contracted the HIV virus. With UNAIDS global programme to eradicate HIV/AIDS by 2050, the World Health Organisation is encouraging the use of self-tests to increase HIV detection and therefore treatment.

  • Significant market traction

  • Proven technology and regulatory approval

  • Sizeable market opportunity with diversification potential

  • A recognised brand