It is estimated that 65% of kids in school today will have jobs that do not exist yet. So how do parents and educators prepare kids for this future?

Tech Will Save Us is an award-winning company building a generation of digital creators, not just consumers. They have developed a range of toys all focused on learning through technology and play. Their toys are different - not only do kids have to build them, but then they bring them to life with code and electronics.

They are creating toys and digital tools with the broadest range of prices and experiences to be inclusive for all families. Their products range from £20-£75 and include play experiences like electronic play-dough and thirsty plant detectors, all the way to wearables that kids can program and invent with.

Tech Will Save Us engages with consumers through both retailer partnerships and its own ecommerce presence, with sales in 87 countries and in over 1,600 retailers including Barnes and Noble, John Lewis, Nordstrom and Maplins.

Tech Will Save Us is well placed to be the Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) category defining brand of choice in a Toy and Games market worth $151bn globally.

The business was founded by Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann in 2013. To date, the company has raised £1.8m of equity from funds and angel investors including Saatchi Invest, Backed Venture Capital and 500 Startups.


Management Team

Co-Founder & CEO, Bethany Koby VentureFounders management team profile picture.

Bethany Koby

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & head of product , Daniel Hirschmann VentureFounders management team profile picture.

Daniel Hirschmann

Co-Founder & head of product

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Management Meeting: Technology Will Save Us

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