Rotageek provides data driven staff rota planning to help organisations predict and meet demand whilst optimising supply. The product is a quicker, smarter, automated alternative to traditional obtuse paper and excel scheduling.

At the click of a button, Rotageek can create the optimum shift schedule in consideration of demand forecasts, skill mix, staff work preferences and budget. This enhances operational and payroll efficiency and facilitates teamwork, helping employees to deliver better customer service. 

Rotageek currently works with 221 UK enterprises and manages 43,000 employees' schedules. In the last six months, they have tripled their revenue and increased their user base by 5 fold, achieving a £1m annual run rate.

This year the company participated in both the SwiftScale (PWC) and Platform X (Virgin Trains) scale-up programmes. Recently they have been selected for the new GovStart programme, launched to support growing businesses who can contribute and improve public services.

High profile clients include Merlin, William Hill, Pets At Home and O2. CEO Chris McCullough was shortlisted for most Disruptive Leader of the Year 2017 by the Tech Leaders Awards, and recently featured in The Times, Forbes, Tech City News, The Telegraph and the Guardian.

Investment Highlights

Management Team

CEO & Co-Founder, DR. CHRIS MCCULLOUGH VentureFounders management team profile picture.


CEO & Co-Founder

CTO & Co-Founder  , NICK MANN  VentureFounders management team profile picture.


CTO & Co-Founder

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Management meeting: RotaGeek

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