Pyreos is one of the world’s only suppliers of thin film pyroelectric sensors. These miniaturised, ultra-low power detectors are highly responsive and sensitive, capable of withstanding thermal shocks, and can be used out of the laboratory.

Pyreos sensors have a small robust design, which can be manufactured at scale and low cost. Depending on the application, their products offer a better discrimination between substances, with a faster response time, and higher quality control accuracy than competitors. Pyreos’ unique technology, which is protected by 88 patents granted (56 additional patents pending), was developed by Siemens and spun out in 2007 following £7m of R&D investment.

The company’s sensor technology has existing applications focussed on fire and gas detection, food safety and fuel and oil monitoring which is estimated to be worth £1.2bn. The company exports 78% of its sales with its main markets being India, Korea, US, Germany and China.

Led by an experienced management team, Pyreos has an impressive shareholder base which includes strategic and institutional investors such as STA (a corporate venture arm of Siemens), Robert Bosch Venture Capital, the Scottish Investment Bank and Seraphim Capital.

The company also recently received a grant of almost £1m from Innovate UK to lead the development and manufacturing of its next generation sensors in a project participated in by Imperial College London.



Investment Highlights

Management Team

CEO, ANDREW WALLACE VentureFounders management team profile picture.



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