After fundraising £2.6m in April 2016 with the support of VentureFounders investors, Micrima is now raising a £5m follow-on round in order to reach commercialisation of their MARIA breast cancer screening solution. VentureFounders investors now have the opportunity to participate in this follow-on round.

Breast cancer is the most common and the 5th most fatal cancer for women worldwide. Screening is therefore of paramount importance to catch the disease early and drastically increase the rates of survival.

Due to their harmful ionising radiation and their poor resolution in younger dense breast tissue X-ray mammograms (XRM) are not routinely used on women below 50. Micrima aims to bring significant improvements in breast cancer detection through its proprietary imaging technology MARIA, enabling frequent monitoring from an early age.

Micrima's technology uses harmless radio waves, enabling screening to become safer, more comfortable, more accessible and more economically viable. Its high-contrast 3D image of the breast have been proven to be particularly effective at detecting cancers in younger, pre-menopausal women.

The company has received the 2017 Medilink Innovation award as well as a grant from innovate UK.