Since September 2016, all schools are now required, by law, to have a comprehensive monitoring system in place in order to safeguard children against potential risks in the school's ICT environment.

By consequence, this legislation means the incumbent network filtering systems are no longer sufficient to proactively track and report student behaviour on managed devices.

Future Digital Footprint (FDF) provides a SaaS intelligent online and offline solution that allows schools to instantaneously and easily identify a student's concerning activities within the e-learning environment and take preventative action immediately.

With 2,500 schools using its proprietary technology, FDF tracks and instantly reports inappropriate activities such as cyberbullying, self-harm, radicalisation, sexting, pornography and contact with online predators.

The company is now getting international traction in the UAE and Australia and is exploring new markets such as police forces (11 clients) and corporates.

Investment Highlights

  • Proprietary, scalable technology developed to monitor and record both the online and offline behaviour

  • Nationwide and international traction 2,500 English schools already onboard, representing 10% of the UK market

  • Positive reaction to date with a 95% renewal rate for schools’ annualized contracts

  • Established revenue model with £683k recognised in 2017

  • Favourable regulatory environment with all schools being required to monitor and safeguard students on their digital activity