DueDil is a leading UK FinTech platform, providing one of the largest sources of private company information. Private companies make up 99.9% of all active businesses, yet the quality of information available on these companies tends to be limited and poor.

Touted as the Bloomberg for private companies, DueDil is rapidly building the largest source of private company information by linking authoritative data sets. This data and insight on companies and the people who own them is then delivered to their customers via their intuitive web platform and API. DueDil’s 175,000 business users integrate this information into their workflow to find opportunities and mitigate risks.

DueDil was founded in 2011 by Damian Kimmelman and Justin Fitzpatrick. It is currently chaired by Alan Millard who was previously Chairman and CEO of Hiscox Underwriting Ltd and Global COO of Hiscox. Having originally started in the UK, DueDil now covers 9 countries and has profiled over 40 million companies. They are forecasting to grow the number of companies covered to over 150m in the next 12 months.

DueDil was featured in the FinTech 50, was named by Wired as one of Europe’s hottest startups of 2013 and was recognised by Bloomberg as one of its Business Innovators of 2016. The company is backed by Notion Capital, Oak Investment Partners and Passion Capital, and has a number of high profile Angel investors, including Sherry Coutu, in its investor base.


  • Significant growth since launch in 2011; now covers 9 countries, 40 million companies and serves 175,000 customers.

  • Large market potential with a proven demand for European private company information that is estimated to be worth $1.9 billion by 2020.

  • Scalable tech platform used by leading companies such as Square, Payment Sense, Leyton and TransferWise.

  • Strong base of institutional investors; Notion Capital, Oak Investment Partners and Passion Capital.

  • Qualified management team; currently chaired by Alan Millard, previously Chairman and CEO of Hiscox Underwriting Ltd and COO of Hiscox UK.