During abdominal keyhole surgery (laparoscopy), a surgeon removes the scope an average of 13x per procedure to clear the lens and yet will still experience suboptimal vision for 37% of the operative time. Poor vision and scope removal  increases risk and causes disruption. Productivity is reduced as considerable time is wasted in cleaning.

The OpClear is a single use disposable sheath linked to a control unit, solving this problem by cleaning the lens of the laparoscope without removing it from the patient, using an on demand combination of CO2 and saline.

The OpClear has been successfully evaluated by 42 surgeons in 21 hospitals. The device is in early sales with units sold to 9 hospitals in the UK, Australia and most recently in Canada. In 2018, Cipher plans to launch in the US, having recently secured FDA clearance, as well as Asia-Pacific, together comprising 52% of the global health care market, including the volume markets of China and Japan.

With an experienced management team and board, led by Andrew Newell, who has 26 years of experience in venture development, Cipher has recently received strategic investment from a leading Chinese life sciences company.

Investment Highlights

  • Unique  technology protected by four patent groups granted in Europe, US, Japan and China.

  • Large global market size estimated to conduct over 20 million laparoscopic procedures annually.

  • Proven market traction with unit sales in the UK, Australia and Canada, launching first in the UK in 2017. 

  • Clear value proposition potentially saving hospitals $65,000 per year per theatre.

  • Supportive shareholder base including Midven and The Angel CoFund.