Posted on 8th December, 2016

by James Codling
Co-Founder & MD

Scale-Up Success

Thank you to all who made it to our first Scale-Up Series event on 6th December, I was delighted to see so many interesting, talented people in one room and hope you found it enjoyable.

Congratulations again to Lightpoint Medical for winning the Investors Choice 2016 award and to all the companies who made it to the shortlist.

If you couldn’t join us, the below video gives you a taste of the night.

We’ve created this series to highlight the fantastic array of scale-up businesses that we have here in the UK and the challenges they face when entering the next phase of their growth.

There seems to be a lot of resource for nurturing seed stage businesses. However, as companies begin to gain market traction and scale up their operations, it is even more important that they have the financial firepower, resource and talent needed to achieve their potential.

The UK’s fixation with startups doesn’t make sense to me, as scale-ups are the companies with the best prospect of delivering a return to investors. Their early stage revenue and market traction should make it easier for them to attract investors and access growth capital. Perversely, the opposite is often true. Part of this may be due to the fact that the UK’s early stage venture capital market is far less developed than those of Silicon Valley; the amount of investment needed to scale at a rate that is sustainable is substantial, so most of these businesses have to turn to institutional investment as there are limited options available to them.

By changing the thinking around providing financing for these ventures and greater collaboration in the industry, not only could we boost the potential new multi-million-pound business of tomorrow, this internal investment could help grow the UK’s economy in what looks to be an unpredictable few years.

We will be holding future events in our Scale-Up Series throughout 2017. To be one of the first to be invited to our events addressing the issues faced by scale-up businesses, register at:


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