Posted on 18th November, 2014

by Eva Weber
Investment Director, VentureFounders

Crowdfunding is reaching global scale

According to a recent research report commissioned by the World Bank, the global crowdfunding industry is forecast to reach an annual volume of $96 billion by 2025 in the developing world alone, of which China accounts for nearly $50 billion. 

“Crowdfunding has emerged as a multibillion-dollar global industry”


While crowdfunding started in the US, it has become a truly global phenomenon, with crowdfunding platforms emerging in many developing countries, as highlighted in a recent Forbes publication

“Crowdfunding is going viral around the globe ... everywhere you look crowdfunding is popping up in a big way”

In terms of equity crowdfunding, Europe and the UK have historically led the way, with the US market still in its infancy one year after the Title II of the Jobs Act provision. However, this may change very soon.

According to Crowdfunder, the vast majority of an estimated 9 million accredited investors in the US are yet to sign onto an equity funding platform and an even larger number, 180 million, of unaccredited investors, could gain access to equity crowdfunding once regulation changes.

“There is a chance Title III [of the Jobs Act] may cause a funding tsunami to hit the market”

At VentureFounders, we are excited about the continued success of crowdfunding around the globe and will focus on driving growth here in the UK. Check out our current investment opportunities or email us on with your business idea. In any case, stay tuned to my blog for more updates on the industry and exciting start-ups. 


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