Posted on 16th September, 2014

by Eva Weber
Investment Director, VentureFounders

Crowdfunding & female entrepreneurs

A number of recent publications looked more closely into crowdfunding and the role it plays for female entrepreneurs.

VentureBeat’s article described how crowdfunding websites are helping female technologists break the glass ceiling and concluded that crowdfunding could be very good for gender diversity in Silicon Valley.

“Women represent only 20% of tech founders …, yet they are behind about 65% of successful Kickstarter projects”

The Wall Street Journal also ran a story on women outperforming men in raising money via crowdfunding platforms, referencing a number of very successful campaigns led by female entrepreneurs across industries. 

“Overall, women are 13% more likely than men to meet their Kickstarter goals, even after controlling for project type, amount being raised and other factors”

Both articles offer interesting explanations to the success of female-backed projects, referencing a new study by NYU’s Jason Greenberg and University of Pennsylvania’s Ethan Mollick titled Leaning In or Leaning On?

Although the much publicised glass ceiling is likely to persist in the short to medium term, I believe that through democratising the access to capital, crowdfunding platforms are significantly helping female entrepreneurs to raise financing, otherwise not available, and will thereby hopefully contribute to the closing of the gender gap in the long run.

At VentureFounders, we recently launched the £425k fundraise for, an innovative online recruiting platform, co-led by Sara Jones, winner of the 2013 UK Startups Awards - Women in Business.   

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