Posted on 26th September, 2017

by Chris McCullough
CEO and Co-founder at RotaGeek

Rotageek prepares for second funding round

We chose to fundraise with VentureFounders because when we met the team, we felt they were capable and experienced in this space and we needed to move really fast. From the first meeting with VentureFounders, to getting us on the platform and our first meeting with investors, it all happened in just a matter of weeks. Before we knew it, we were fundraising in an efficient way and in touch with some great investors.


We were raising capital to increase sales efforts and invest in our data science and tech capabilities . This really helped us move the business into its next phase. Since we closed that round, we've signed contracts with all of the companies that were trialing us, and now we're implementing Rotageek across their businesses, helping them move away from paper and Excel schedules to intelligent dynamic schedules online.


From a purely commercial perspective, we've also increased our revenue three-fold since January. But while our clients now reach far beyond the A&E departments where we started, our core ethos is still a genuine determination to solve scheduling for all shift workers, whilst improving operational efficiency.


To do that, first and foremost, we have an outstanding team. Everyone is convinced and wholeheartedly on-board with our goals and vision. And as for our tech, we have an amazing product that has an immediate application in a number of industries and the potential to be relevant for a very, very long time. We're constantly developing technologies that are at the forefront of future-gazing data-driven software, and we have solid but realistic revenue and R&D plans. Our aim is to maintain a 7% month-on-month revenue growth.


When I think about building such an ambitious start-up, I love that the job is challenging and that each day is different. I enjoy having to make difficult decisions with incomplete information, and looking after our team, clients and investors and making sure that we are running the business in a way that works for all three.


Our team is honestly one of our key differentiators: a critical mass of super-bright people who are all excited about improving lives through scheduling. There is not one member that couldn't leave tomorrow and get a job elsewhere. So, it's my job to make sure they're in an environment where they can excel.


My advice to anyone growing a similar business would be to protect some time each week or month for thinking about the company. At Rotageek, we tend to work excessively hard, which means that time for just creatively thinking about business strategy can get squeezed. One of the many lessons I've learned in the past three years has been to create that time to think, and protect it.


The next year is going to be a very exciting one for us as we continue to scale up. We're growing quickly, and managing that growth is definitely a challenge. That said, both our product and our team are now in the best shape they've ever been, and we're constantly discovering new capabilities and really refining our offer and our place in the tech world. One thing that's key during this period of growth is to never drop the ball when it comes to the industries we are already helping, and our current customers. That's where our excellent customer success team is crucial.


Looking ahead, there are so many opportunities in store for us. For example, we're currently developing hospital flow models, which will provide hospitals with forecasts on what their emergency care patient intake will look like, enabling them to better meet this demand, meaning better care for patients. We're also working hard on a simulation model to allow train companies to minimise disruption and return to normal service quickly - something I think we can all get behind on a personal level too! We're also going to begin our first international pilot, which is exciting new ground for Rotageek.


Honestly, VF has been one of the most organised and diligent investor groups that we have worked with. The team is both impressive and genuinely great to work with. It's really important to us that we enjoy the Rotageek journey and it's great to work with a team that also understands that it is possible to achieve operational excellence whilst maintaining a personal approach.


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