Ongoing Monitoring

Post-fundraise, we actively monitor the investments made through VentureFounders for and on behalf of our investors. This will involve being in regular contact with the management teams of our portfolio companies and, in certain circumstances, we will also take a board or board observer seat. We insist that our portfolio companies report once a quarter to our investors.

We also have a sophisticated online portfolio monitoring tool, which investors can use to see these trading updates, as well as other news and updates, from the companies in which they have invested. Through events and dedicated update calls, we give investors direct and regular access to the companies’ management teams.

As part of the ongoing commitment to our portfolio companies, we are constantly using our network to help them achieve their growth ambitions and successfully execute their business plan, which ultimately helps maximise the chances of generating greater returns for our investors. We have also supported a number of follow-on fundraises, providing additional growth capital to our portfolio companies.